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April 15, 2017 3 min read

Are you becoming desperate about how you can stop your dog from barking?? Where it is the nature of every pet to use their vocal system, excessive barking in dogs is not only unpleasant but disturbing as well. So if you are one of those who is bothered by the too much barking of the dog, this guide will help you get through with it.

Know why is your dog barking?

The first thing to do before controlling excessive barking is to know the reason why they are barking. There is no magic wand that would shush them if the thing that is bothering them is out there and not resolve.

There are generally eight problems that cause your dog to bark

-    Defensive or territorial barking

-    Happiness or excitement after seeing the master

-    Exercise and play

-    To get your attention

-    Aggression with something

-    Not liking the social presence of other animals or dogs

-    Compulsive behavior

-    Social anxiety and separation anxiety

-    Compulsive behavior

How to stop your dog from barking?

If you are wondering how to stop dog from barking,then follow the below-mentioned guidelines

Method 1: Train them

Your dog barking is a sign of bad training. You have clearly not trained your dog well and there should be more you have to do about it. Begin with giving your dog enough time for them to get completely attached to you. Always make them feel like the dominion is all yours, and that you are the master. The quite command is what a dog should learn at a very early age. If they are well trained for the quite command and are still barking, stand still in front of your dog and stare him right into the eye. Throw leash, or hit them lightly so that they know you do not approve of their barking

Method 2: Noise training

Many dogs show panic and aggression to noise. Never let your dog be at peace with noise fear. Start scaring them every day with noise. The vacuum in front of them, throw objects that would make noise, take them out on the road, and help them play in a noisy environment. Every time they panic at the noise, distract them with a gameplay. Throw balls or run with your dog so that his attention diverts.

Method 3: Excitement barking

Excitement barking is a sweet gesture but could be a problem when it is consistent. When you come home and your dog barks, ignore them for a while. Let them feel calm about your presence and then go greet them. Every time you greet your dog, tell them it is not nice to bark.

Method 4: Social anxiety release

It is the worst habit your dog could have. If your dog is barking after seeing other pets and dogs, take them out to the playground and play with other pets. Taking your dog to public play grounds would help him make peace with it. If they do not stop, avoid them and start playing with the other animals so that they know you like them. Use a leash and collar to immediately control your dog from barking at other animals. Stop them immediately, do not let them be. Respond to it with aggression.

Method 5: Give them treat

Every time your dog listens to your command, give them a treat. This would motivate your dog to avoid barking and gain your attention and love.

Method 6: Play with objects

Play barking is another common issue. But the best way to stop that is to distract them with other objects. Make the games about balls and toys so that they get busy with using their mouth for other purposes.

Method 7: Tire them

A dog that is not well exercised would have nothing to do than bark. The best way to stop your dog from barking is to keep them busy and tired.

Method 8: Ignore them

When your dog barks unreasonably or while trying to get your attention- ignore them. This is the most effective way of telling them that their barking would not get them your attention. When they stop barking, turn to them.

Method 9: Territorial barking

Barking at visitors if a dog’s way of making your alert about it. They feel insecure and want to protect their family. When they bark at visitors, take your friend to the dog and tell the dog to stop and be at peace with it. This way they will start studying your response and gesture to visitors and would only bark when you are not around.

Method 10: Give them time

If you do not give your dog time, they would start panicking and would become stressful about it. It is essential that you give them time to prevent them from taking separation anxiety. 

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