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Why buying a dog life jacket is a smart choice for dog safety?

Dog life jackets are not only a cute accessory for your vacation, they are a vital part of your dog's safety gear. Having a dog life vest on at all times can save your dog's life even if he is the best swimmer because dogs easily get muscle fatigue while they swim.

Not all dog body types are built for water - some dogs are natural born swimmers like Retrievers and Spaniels and some dogs such as French Bulldogs or Dachshunds don’t do well in water.

The best dog life jacket will help your dog to stay afloat if he becomes tired or generally has troubles to stay above water.

It is required by law for every person to have a life jacket on a boat and your dog's life is equally as important as your own. If you are planning to take your dog on a boat ride with you it is essential for him to wear a dog life jacket.
Large waves could cause you to lose sight of your dog if he has fallen overboard that is why all of our dog life vests have vibrant bright colors and easy-grab handles that help you retrieve your dog back on board or back to shore in a case of an emergency.

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