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Chances are, if you have a dog, you know better than to say the word "walk" around them. You probably instead call it the "w" word to your spouse or spell out the word for them when discussing a walk in order to not get your pooch riled up before you even grab the leash off of the hanger by the door.
There is perhaps nothing that a dog loves more than taking a walk with his or her pet parent, but unfortunately, some of the terrains that dogs have to walk on can hurt their feet, even if they are too kind and selfless to let us know.

There are ways to protect a dog's feet from the elements, and by looking into pairs of dog boots, shoes and socks, you can keep your pooch's feet healthy and happy for many walks to come.

At our dog shop, Pawsome Market, we offer a number of ways to keep your dog's paws protected. Whether you need dog rain boots when it’s wet outside, dog snow boots to combat the frigid ground or dog boots that stay on when the pavement is hot and painful, Pawsome Market has you covered. During the wintertime, dogs can get chilly, so even when you are not going on a walk, you can get dog socks that stay on to ensure that even while lounging in the house, your dog is comfortable. All of our high-quality Dog Boots, Shoes & Socks are sourced ethically from overseas so that we can give you the lowest price possible.

Choose your pup's next pair of boots, socks or shoes and please send us pictures through email with them on their cute little feet!