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Some pooches absolutely love the rain! They hear that familiar hum of the water against the roof and start turning in circles, their tails wagging so hard that you might find yourself wondering if they are going to lift up off of the ground like a helicopter, anxious for you to take them outside to play in the weather. On the other hand, other dogs will whine and cry if you try to take them outside for a walk or to use the restroom when it is raining, tiptoeing around mud and puddles as best they can. If your dog is one of the latter types, these dog raincoats with hood are for you!

No matter if you have a cute, tiny, cuddly little Dachshund that would do anything to stay dry or a big, happy Pit Bull who hates getting his or her tail wet, here at Pawsome Market, you can find the perfect waterproof dog raincoat for them!

We offer the best dog raincoats around, ranging from a large dog raincoats that will help your big dog to feel more comfortable outside, to teeny-tiny little designer dog raincoats that your pup will look like a movie star in.

Whatever you need, you can find that perfect, high-quality waterproof dog raincoat sourced ethically from overseas here at a competitive price! Because we are just as obsessed with dogs as you are, we'd love it if you sent in pictures to us by way of e-mail so we can see how cute your pup looks in our favorite dog raincoats with hood!