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Just like humans, dogs love the feeling of being safe and secure.
Some dogs, like those little, nervous Chihuahuas, tend to get really anxious over a lot of things, such as new people entering the house, a loud thunderstorm, the mailman or even just because it is in their nature.

Whatever the cause, giving a dog a closed-off space where he or she can go to feel protected from the scary sensations of the world around her is a great way to help her mental health, so consider an indoor teepee dog house! 

Not only is a dog teepee bed a comfortable place for your pooch to unwind, but dog teepees are just a really cute way to give your dog a unique place to relax that will look much more visually appealing in your home than a standard dog bed might.

At our dog shop, you can find a cute, unique dog teepee tent that suits your dog’s personality and invites them to go and hide when the mailman comes by, or simply offers them a place to go and have an afternoon nap where they feel safe and secure doing so.

The right teepee dog bed from Pawsome Market ensures that your living room or bedroom will look extra cute, especially when your dog curls up inside of it.