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Yellow and White Pet Teepee - Sunny Chevron

Why settle for an ordinary pet bed when you can enhance your decor with a teepee tent that is doggone adorable?

The Yellow and White Pet Teepee is sure to become your pet's favorite place to take a nap, and you can be certain that friends and family will comment on how stylish the teepee tent is sitting in your living room or anywhere else in your home.

The Yellow and White Pet Teepee reflects the latest trends in interior design with a fashionable print that is modern and fun. The dog teepee bed features chevron zigzag stripes in lemon yellow and white with solid yellow pockets for holding the wooden dowels that make up the frame. When assembled, the teepee bed has six sides.

Quick and easy to set up, the Yellow and White Pet Teepee gives dogs and cats a feeling of security. While the dog and cat teepee is enclosed, it is made from breathable fabric to keep pets cool inside. At the front of the dog and cat teepee is a slit that serves as the entrance. Ties can be used to keep the door open, or you can let the flaps hang loose to keep your pet hidden from sight inside.

Durable & sturdy, the Yellow and White Pet Teepee can be folded up for easy storage or use when you're away from home. 

Material: 100% Cotton + Pine Poles
Dimension: 72 * 52 * 70cm/ 28.3 * 20.5 * 27.5in
Weight: 1854g/ 4lb.
Pattern: Chevron
Feature: Removable Cover
Wash Style: Hand Wash

Order includes

  1. 1 * Tent
  2. 1 * Mat
  3. 4 * Sticks
  4. 1 * Blackboard
  5. 1 * Fixator