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Paw Wash™ Dog Paw Cleaner

The best dog paw cleaning solution, Paw Wash™ Dog Paw Cleaner is a portable & convenient cleaning tool shaped like a cup used to clean your dog’s muddy paws on the go. Soft Eco-friendly silicone bristles inside the paw washer cup will help dislodge the caked-on mud, dirt & dust off the paws leaving them squeaky clean.

With your convenience in mind, we have developed the best way to clean the dirt, mud, dust & debris off your pup's paws, in seconds!

How to clean your dog's paws?
Step 1. Fill the dog paw cleaner base with water and add a few drops of pet soap.
Step 2. Insert your dog’s paw and spin the cleaner around the paw – the soft bristles will gently remove the dirt.
Step 3. Remove the paw, rinse and dab it dry.
Step 4. Repeat the instructions for each dirty paw.

Buy yours today & solve your problem of dirty paws in just 4 quick & easy steps - No more paw tracks on your car seats or in the house!

• Silicone bristles clean the paws efficiently and gently
• Bristles inside the Dog Paw Cleaner cup unroll for easy cleaning
• Made out of premium material that will last for years, non-toxic BPA-free silicone plastic is safe to use for pets
• Available in 3 colors: pink, blue and green
• Available in 2 sizes: medium and large to match your dog’s size
• M: Height: 11 cm / Width: 7 cm
• L: Height: 15 cm / Width: 8 cm