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Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Taking your dog with you out into the world can be an exciting and fun experience for them. They have an opportunity to explore, checking out all of the sights, sounds and smells the world has to offer.

But when they go out in the world with you, whether that means just a trip to the park, a camping trip or a mountain hike, your little pooch needs to stay hydrated.

It is not always feasible to pack a big bowl to pour water in while you travel, and it can be tedious to have to constantly stop on your trip to pour the bowl and give them time to drink.

Instead, the Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle can help you keep your pooch hydrated on the go in a way that is convenient for both of you.

The Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle is a small, handheld travel water bottle that features a water reserve on one end and a small drinking bowl on the other.

  • To get the water into the bowl, simply press a button that releases it in a stream.
  • Then, your pooch can sip the water until their thirst is quenched.
  • Already portable at a size of 20.8 centimeters by 7.5 centimeters, the water bottle is also foldable, making it easy to pack up with you for long car trips.
  • The Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle is made out of durable ABS plastic, and you can get it in either white, pink or blue.
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