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Dog Paw Print Cube Charm Men's Gemstone Bracelet

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👨Watch the men's paw print natural gemstone yoga bracelet below.

Looking for the perfect gift to give to a dog dad in your life?

Why not choose something special? A piece of men's jewelry that has a positive vibration and a special meaning for your loved one?

  • Each Dog Paw Print Cube Charm Men's Gemstone Bracelet is handmade with love and intention in our Pawsome creator studio by skilled artisans.
  • Lovely bronze accents and a paw cube cham make it a unique piece that will match almost any outfit.
  • Bead size used in these paw print bracelets are 8mm in size and the inner perimeter or the bracelets are 17cm long. The bracelets are strung on a stretch cord.

We source premium hand polished gemstone beads from the heart of India.
Each gemstone has a different meaning, read carefully about each gemstone used and pick one that resonates with you at this time in your life. 

Lava beads: 
One of the oldest stones known to men, it has been used for ages to calm emotions and intense energies. They stabilize the root chakra. Considered to be the stone of rebirth.

Indian Onyx:The warrior stone, it helps fight fear and low energies. It symbolizes personal power and is the initiation for courage. It guides you to a richer, more meaningful life.

Picasso Jasper: The stone of happiness brings optimism and joy, strengthens relationships and transforms them for the better. It helps grow self-confidence & self-love.

Spectrolite:The stone of transformation, it aids sleep and opens up divine intuition. Helps o relate to other people as it raises consciousness and clears, balances and protects the Aura

Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful and unique handmade dog lover bracelet today and raise your vibes!