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Indoor Dog House Bed - 5 Colors

Dogs tend to crave comfort and security by hiding away in a dog house or crate. They take comfort in being surrounded on most sides of their body, feeling protected from any potential threats that might be behind them or outside of their field of vision.

Dog house-style beds are good for helping them stay comfortable and feel protected without having to depend on an uncomfortable crate in order to do it.
The Indoor Dog House Bed is perfect for that purpose, providing your dog with a comfortable, relaxing place for them to curl up when they want to feel secure.

  • The Indoor Dog House Bed is made out of cotton that is ultra soft and cozy.
  • The cotton material is also good for use with certain dog breeds that have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily.
  • The bed is shaped like a standard dog house with four walls and a roof, but one of the walls features an archway for them to crawl into the doghouse and peek its head out to stay alert to its environment.

When your dog just wants a bed without the coverage, the roof of the bed can be pushed down to provide them instead with a standard, mostly flat dog bed.

The indoor dog house bed comes in small, medium and large sizes depending on the breed of your dog, and it is available in colors including as beige, blue, brown, gray and pink to suit any home decor.

Width cm/inch Length cm/inch Height
S 30 / 11.81 33 / 12.99 33 / 12.99 
M 35 / 13.77 38 / 14.96 40 / 15.74
L 40 / 15.74 40 / 15.74 46 / 18.11
Sky Blue
Rose Red