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Portable Dog Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated while you are adventuring outside in the hot sun is important, and if your dog tends to accompany you on these adventures, it is every bit as important that you are keeping them hydrated, too.

When you want to head out on the hiking trail for a few days or just go out to a park, it is not always feasible for you to carry around a full-sized water bowl for your dog to drink out of.

The solution lies in the Portable Dog Water Bottle.The water bottle allows you to not only store the water that your pup will need to drink, but it also provides a bowl for them to drink out of, all combined inside of a simple, compact water bottle dispenser that is easy to take with you everywhere.

  • The Portable Dog Water Bottle is a water bottle made out of plastic and food grade silicone.
  • Around the 650 milliliters, the water bottle is a silicone sleeve that rests flat against the bottle.
  • The sleeve can be unfolded to open it up into a shallow bowl for the dog to drink from.
  • Simply squeeze the water bottle to get the stored water to flow from the nozzle and into the bowl, giving your dog a quick drink when they need it.
  • It can easily be packed into any camping gear or carried on your wrist using the strap that is attached to it.