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Race Car Dog Beds

You really don't have to wait for your dog to go through a mid-life crisis to treat him like the royalty that he is and buy this cool Race car dog bed for him to cuddle up in. 

You can park the car dog bed inside of your house for your pup to enjoy a safe ride every time he goes to bed for a snooze.

• Inner cushion is removable and the whole bed is machine washable
Created out of durable fleece/cotton blend material
• The size of the bed is ideal for small dogs and puppies 

Limited edition
Furcedes car design - Available only on Pawsome Market!

Join the cool kids on the block and get this luxuriousRace car dog bedfor your pampered pup today!

👇Check out our pawsome customer cruising in the adorable car dog bed.

Length: cm/inch
40 / 15.7
30 / 11.8 15 / 5.9
70 / 27.5
50 / 19.7 20 / 7.9
Black Race Car Dog Bed
Red Race Car Dog Bed

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