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Safety Dog Life Jackets - Salty Paws

Watch our pawsome customer rocking the Mermaid Life Dog Jacket at vacay. 💜

Every feature of The Salty Paws Dog Life Jacket is made with your dog's safety in mind first.

A dog life jacket is not just a dog accessory for the beach, it is one item that you MUST pack for your dog if you are planning to go to the beach, the lakeside or a pool.

• Adjustable nylon straps & velcro on the neck and belly ensure the perfect fit for small, medium and large dogs.
• A safety grab handle on the top are there for a quick rescue by hand or boat hook
• Sturdy quick-release buckles can withhold high strength pulling 
• Easy to apply the vest to your dog's body

Choose from cute designs: Mermaid in Purple color, Shark in Grey & Blue color, Clown Fish in Red/White color, Paradise fish in turquoise.

Your dog will not only be the star of the beach, they will be safe & secure inside the water at all times while looking cute AF!

Make sure your entire family can enjoy the perfect vacation together and buy your dog life jacket today! 

Fits pets up to kg
30 / 11.8 32-54 / 12.6-21.2 6-9
35 / 13.7 44-64 / 17.3-25.2 9-12
44 / 17.3 69-80 / 27.1-31.5 12-35
Purple Mermaid
Grey Shark
Clown Fish / Red
Blue Shark
Paradise Fish / Turqouise